Brian's Mission Photos

Preston England MTC

There are several MTC (Missionary Training Centers) around the world. This one is located in Chorley, a suburb of Preston England. At the time my group was the largest group to come through this MTC. Since then there was a group that was nearly twice that size.

While in the MTC for 3 weeks, I served as a District Leader and my companion was Elder Basella from Queenstown South Africa.

The MTC President was President Bowdain (spelling?).


    Gateshead was my training area. It is located in the far north of my mission across from New Castle.While serving there, I served with Elder Stefon from Romania, who trained me, and Elder Meckas from Germany, who was my followup trainer.

    The area we lived in, Shipley, is the home to one of the largest Jewish communities outside of America and Israel. While living there I gained a great respect for the Jewish people. They are a wonderful and hard working people who hold to thier values no matter what the preasure.

    I served in Gateshead for 3 transfers (4 1/2 months) and made some wonderful friends. Some of these friends includ the Kennedy family, the Graydon family, Brother and Sister Turnbull, Jared Cooke, Brother Savory, Brother Bell, Trish Todd and many many more...


    Halifax is a city rich in history.




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